After your flash store promotion period is over, it is a good idea to keep your Retractable Banners ($69+ eyeBanner) sign at the area to reinforce your branding and online promotional offer.  This could create a hang over sells by extending your business from offline to online business.  You might send promotional offer to the email you have collected during over your flash period. Make sure the subject line references your flash store sales. This may be an introduction, a brief description of your brand, or where they can buy your item online.

Setup plenty of Retractable Banners (with special promotional theme) around the original site of your flash store.  Then follow up with the same theme on regular newsletters. As a way to stay connected with your client base, communication is becoming more commonplace. You can send your email newsletters about new product news releases, a major project, a new retailer selling your product, or any awards you may have won. Communication is also appropriate place to announce the match or discount sales. Please ensure that users in your database have given you access to press releases.

Twitter is also a great way to stay in touch with people that could synchronize with your promotional offers as advertised on your Retractable Banner Stands. You can easily reach out to many followers. Make sure you have a prominent picture, an easily recognizable picture and name; people may just remember they want to contact you for something.

Stay in touch with all your contacts, business consultants, journalists, PR agencies, galleries, accountants and more. If you work or work with them, stay in touch. They love listening to what you do, so be more specific about your niche and give them the latest news on your website or product launch. Networking and people are part of their livelihood. Constantly attract customers with a regular set of Roll Up Banner promotions, solicit feedback, build new customer relationships so they will continue to serve you in the years to come.