Many entrepreneurs have such confusion when using Double Sided Feather Flags for outdoor advertising. What are more important? Price or Quality? Buying with the price consideration is just half of what is important. I found that in American corporations, similar things repeatedly staged. There are many reasons, but the most important one is: a lot of people do not understand the primary factor in buying a 2 Sided Feather Banner.

So what is the primary question of buying Double Sided Feather Flags for outdoor advertising?

Print quality and durability of the Double Sided Feather Flags should be more important than just a cheaper price in the long run. Your target customers and competitors must be clear. Who we should serve and who to compete with. Many companies did not figure out the problem, wasted a lot of resources, spent a lot of money, delayed a lot of time, but ultimately can not achieve the desired goal.

Do not try to sell the product to everyone with Custom Feather Flags Double Sided, just as trying to sell clothes to the whole world, so that all men and all women buy your clothes, it is impossible. Some people will only use first-class quality products, you sell low-end products he will not pay attention to you; some people want to buy your things, but he may not afford money.

People like the trees on the mountain, each mountain tree species are different, so the crowd is different. So do not say “my target customers are high-end crowd”, this sentence is nonsense. An elite person, a knowledge elite, an entrepreneur, can consume the same price of things, but these people’s way of life and consumer behavior is completely different.

You have to further define the consumer groups: where are they What are their activities? What do they take by means of transport? What kind of circle do they belong to? Where will they shop? What are their related consumption characteristics?

Do not cut the crowd, cannot find the direction of marketing with 2 Sided Feather Banners. So do not cut the crowd, it can not complete the expression of marketing.

Who is your competitor? If there is no opponent, you do not have the direction. No opponents, there is no focus. Without focus, there will be no strategy. If your opponent is too much, your direction will be more chaotic.

If you put all your peers as your opponent, you are fighting the whole world. Even if your resources and then strong, even if you have the courage, even if you are very smart, in the world before you are just a small figure, the probability of odds is zero.

At that time, Hitler with a powerful means to start a powerful empire, to another opponent when the war, an assistant had reminded him: “heads of state, we seem to fight in the world.” But in the stage before the victory, how he It may be heard into such a way to make him disappointed! The end is that Germany is caught in the swamp of war, before the overwhelming world power, Hitler can only take his beloved girlfriend suicide.

In a space node, you have and only one opponent. No matter how complex the competitive environment, identify this one opponent, to combat him, to win. This is the importance of the strategy.

Strategy is a knife, if you grabbed the knife back this side, the worst results will protect you. If you catch the edge of the blade, the best result will hurt you.

There is no strategic positioning of all marketing guidelines for Double Sided Feather Flags advertising that are inefficient, ineffective or failed. Find the right customers and opponents, you have the right direction.