The Transportation Authority of some areas in United States reported Friday that transit officers would begin to apply mask standards for vehicles and stations, and possibly fining drivers at.  Since May, some authorities have forced drivers to wear Face Mask coverings or even the high end N95 Face Masks (in Stock), and with messages in the scheme to remind riders of that, but stopped short of applying the rule. The vast number of  riders in most cases shielded their faces with Disposable Face Masks (Black) during the coronavirus pandemic, although some riders were also concerned about exceptions.

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In United States and across the world, it is suggested that its latest strategy as virus cases arise and triggered by some Governor executive orders to take effect immediately. One order mandates that anyone above the age of 5 to wear a mask in every public space and upgrade a less strict previous face mask order. In particular, the new order states that the Transit Police is allowed to extend the transit system law.

Some Transportation Authorities in United States said it instructed staff to remind drivers of the executive order who may not wear masks. When the driver doesn’t wear the Face Mask, “Observations are made clear to the Service Control Center, which will report to the Transit Police and escalate to next steps.”  Under the serious global shortage of N95 Face Masks, it is advised that KF94 Masks (Black) or Nano Masks can be used as N95 alternative masks (e.g. R95).

The executive order is also a conceivable loophole: it constitutes an exception for individuals alleging any kind of medical exception complicating the wearing of face masks and not forcing them to include evidence of this issue.  And it would be impossible for the police reasonably to respond to any complaint immediately, especially as drivers usually do not stay for a very long period on transit vehicles.

The change leads to a pandemic which has significantly restricted riding in transit and in the middle of a long discussion about the role of the Transportation Authorities in implementing Face Mask laws.  Some bus driver’s union has recently called for people with medical problems to impose even tougher masks requirement, primarily to refuse treatment to those who didn’t wear one and instead to provide door-to-door service to drivers with disabilities. And the authorities recently released a video of workers who survived this virus on YouTube, urging them to wear masks. COAST Bus Service has even started to require riders and drivers wear Face Masks.

Some advocates for transit have proposed that officials should distribute drivers with masks.  The steps of compliance are now part of a larger discussion about the position of police departments in the United States. Police officers in Philadelphia backed up enforcement laws of mask earlier this year after the social media challenged with a video of officers who forcefully pulled a driver from a car. But the transit system in New York started this fall using the police to enforce masks on the metro.